Senjor Research

Senjor Research

Logan Adkins

Mr. Riley

English IV

5 May 2014

Senior Experience Self-Reflection

Communication & Collaboration: Teamwork was a big part of my senior experience, mostly taking place while doing my job shadowing. Teaching younger kids required leadership skills due to the fact that I was teaching them and keeping them under control at the same time. I had to work with my advisor to find times to meet and talk about my project. I also worked well with the younger kids making sure they stayed on task. For my job shadowing, I worked with my own personal tennis coach. I had to listen to him but put his advice in to action and put my own twist on it.

Creativity & Innovation: I developed new ideas with creating new drills to teach to the players. I also had to come up with new ideas for ways to present my project and information to include. I implemented new ideas by fitting them in where they best made sense and improved my project. I communicated new ideas by talking to my advisor or my mom, seeing if they thought they were good ideas. The biggest part of the real world problem solving was when I was job shadowing, I had to get parents to stay out of it and let me be the teacher.

Leadership & Responsibility: I taught tennis to younger kids, using my knowledge I've developed over the years mixed with my leadership skills from being on various teams and at school. I believe while serving my product hours and job shadowing, I was dressed and acted respectful, showing good ethical behavior.

Flexibility & Adaptability: I had to be extremely flexible thru out the process with getting work done whenever I could and meeting with my advisor as well as job shadowing. I had to adapt big time during my job shadowing due to the fact that I'm usually the one being coached and not the one coaching. It took a while to get used to this change but I definitely enjoyed it.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Any time that I came in contact with a problem, I...

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