Shakespeare Love

Shakespeare Love

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“In Act One of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream Shakespeare introduces the main characters of his comedy and his play’s central themes, one of which is best expressed by this act’s well known line: “The course of true love never did run smooth.” In some ways Lysander’s declaration becomes the plays structural and thematic points of departure, as the comedy interlocks the misadventures of five pairs of lovers - six if one counts Pyramus and Thisby who appear in Act V’s play within the play – and uses their tribulations to explore its theme of love’s difficulties.” Pg 5

“Central to the play is the tension between desire and social mores. Cjaracters are repeatedly required to quell their passions for the sake of law and propriety. Another important conflict is between love and reason, with the heart almost always overruling the mind. The comedy of the play results from the powerful and almost blinding, effects that love has on the character’s thoughts and actions.” Pg 5

The play opens in Athens ruled by Theseus who is to wed Hippolyta queen of the Amazons in four days. At the start of the play Theseus voices his impatience for his marriage, immediately establishing the disjunction between desire and social dictates

Hermius inquires what her choices are if she refuses to marry Demetrius and Thesus proposes two options: to die or become a nun.

Demetrius has made love to Helena and won her soul,

Lysander and Hermia swear their devotion to eachother. Hermia’s defiance reasserte as she laments to Lysander, “ O cross!... O spite! ... O hell!... to choose love by anothers eyes.

They decide to flee Athens to the home of his widowed aunt where, beyond Athenian law they can be married.

Bottom, flute, Snout, Statveling, Quince and snug want to present a play at the wedding of Hippolyta and to be financially rewarded for their efforts.

Titania and Oberon are spiritual and magial powers – clearly posess some very human emotions.
Think each is being...

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