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Shakespeare Biography

More than a 100 yrs ago, a man name William Shakespeare was finally

Born at the time of expansion while Queen Elizabeth the first was the ruler at the

Time. Mostly everyone was proud of the English language. He was born in the spring

of 1564 in Stratford. He was baptized three days later on St. Georges day at Holy

Trindidys church. William was the third child of John and Mary Shakespeare, but his

Sister died when they were only infants. During that year a plague had spread out

Throughout Europe, thousands of people died without knowing what the disease was.

His father was a glover and his mom was an intelligent woman who was

Also living a very disciplined life at the time. Only people who had a lot of money

Went to school but education was also taken very seriously and demanding. While

Shakespeare was at his teens he started reading more and more about plays about

A roman writer. A lot of people thought that the first time he saw plays was in the

Ventleworth Castle.

His last year being at a school was when he was only 14 years old. As he

Was growing older he couldn’t go to any universities because his dads business was

Going bankrupt and also lost lots of money. Later on in the years he married a woman

Name Anne Hathaway. It was believed that he got her pregnant while she was 26

And Shakespeare was only 18.

William started writing plays and the first play he had on theatre was Julius

Cesar. By the time it was 1603 they had a new leader in the country: King Kames I.

the kings men was the acting company for the king and also made Shakespeare the

upper class gentlemen.

During 1604-1607 the man was on top of his game and had 3 plays- Macbeth,

Othello and King Lear. Those plays were tragic and most people thought that he wrote

thse plays cause of how he felt and how he...

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