Should Care for Installation of Transmission Device in Dryer

Should Care for Installation of Transmission Device in Dryer

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Industrial dryer, which is also known as industrial drying machine, is mainly suitable for drying materials with a certain moisture and granularity , such as ore dressing, building material, metallurgy and chemical industry and other departments. Rotary dryers have strong adaption to materials, which can dry various materials. In addition, because of simple and reliable operation, industrial dryer is used universally.

Transmission is one of the main local industrial dryer installed, to ensure long-term safe operation of coal slime dryer, smooth transmission of solid is an important condition.Here, we together to understand to the request of the transmission installation in coal slime dryer.Of the drive installation considerations of coal slime dryer mainly include the following:

1, low speed rotary dryer, and the speed of the drive motor is very high, so the drive system to slow down compare with big, should choose the coal slime dryer gear system;

2. A lot of the industrial drying machine on low speed gear circumferential force, reason should be energetic to large transmission ratio, high torque request for parts;

3, the industrial drying machine at startup is not as long as the restraint between shaft and bearing friction torque, but also restrained the drum body and materials of moment of inertia, and therefore should choose big start torque motor;

4, materials in indstrial dryer needed to complete the physical and chemical changes in coal slime dryer with material, fuel and other elements in different time and change, thus the speed of the request to change accordingly, can turn fast and slow turning, and from a speed becomes another smooth stepless speed.

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