Why You Should Consider Applicability of Dryer?

Why You Should Consider Applicability of Dryer?

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The dry mining equipment is one of the most used in the industry now material drying equipment, it is used in many different areas, the manufacturer and type is very much also, so how did you know that in this great dry mining equipment of choose and buy the most suitable one?Believe that many people have met in the beginning of the problem.

1. Energy condition, choosing the rotary drying machine, consider the energy of the local conditions, make full use of local resources.The local coal more, can choose coal as fuel dryer;Plains, can consider straw gasification dryer;The dryers can consider to use wood as fuel in mountain areas.

2. The best rotary drying machine can make the material drying experiment before the selection, a thorough understanding of similar materials have been used the advantages and disadvantages of drying device.

3. Choose simple structure rotary drying machine, a sufficient supply of spare parts, high reliability, long service life drying device.

4. The drying rate high - convection drying materials are highly fragmented in hot air, the critical moisture content is low, the drying speed is fast, and a fellow convection drying, drying methods different critical moisture content is also different, thus the drying rate are also different.

5. Low consumption - different drying methods energy consumption index, general conduction drying thermal efficiency can reach 100% theoretically, convection drying can only around 70%. rotary drying machine Applicability - drying device first.

6. Must be able to apply to specific materials, and meet the basic requirements of the drying material, including can be a very good deal with material, and can satisfy the processing, take off the water, the basic requirement of product quality, etc.

7. According to environment protection, rotary drying machine good working conditions, high safety.

In addition, they are professional cone crusher manufactures and basalt mining machines...

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