Should Hong Kong Government Give $6000 to Citizen

Should Hong Kong Government Give $6000 to Citizen

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Topic: Should the Hong Kong government give 6 thousand dollar for all above 18 years old citizen?

If you have 6 thousand dollar, how do you use it? Few weeks before, the Hong Kong Financial Secretary, John Tsang, release the 2011-12 budget. However, many Hong Kong citizens dissatisfied with that. Because of Hong Kong government has a large amount of financial surplus but the financial secretary still refused to issues any tax relief policies.
After some politicians and citizens complained with different ways like radio, sit-in demonstration, the financial secretary announced the policy of giving 6 thousand to every Hong Kong citizens who are above 18 years old. The policy of giving 6 thousand dollar bonuses recently is supported by different group of people. This policy should not carry out because this policy has 3 serious drawbacks in social, economic and political aspects in Hong Kong.

One of the major issues of the policy is in social factor. In some people’s eyes, this policy is not really fair for those citizens who are under 18 years old. It is obvious that this policy is not fair for new migrants because those new migrants have jobs in Hong Kong. They have some contribution for Hong Kong. Thus, they have qualification to share the bonus of the Hong Kong government financial surplus. To illustrate, some Hong Kong citizen always gamble on football, horses and so on, they has been applying the comprehensive social security assistance. (C.F., 2011) However, they keep wasting their money for gambling. They do not have any contribution for Hong Kong. Therefore, those new migrants should have some right or advantage enjoyed to the new government policy. For instance, a new migrant do some business between Hong Kong and China, he employ some Hong Kong people in his office. That is mean that he tried to make some jobs opportunity for Hong Kong people. Therefore, this is a great contribution for Hong Kong. However, he cannot enjoy the policy because he is...

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