Should the Law Be Tougher on the Media’s Participation in Events That Lead to Criminal Actions

Should the Law Be Tougher on the Media’s Participation in Events That Lead to Criminal Actions

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Should the law be tougher on the media’s participation in events that lead to criminal actions.

The media has responsibilities to the public to report national and global news in honest and truthful light, but in recent years, discussions of how much information they should be allowed to release to the public has become a hot topic. Concerns have been raised by the general public as they believe rising crime rates may be related to the medias, particularly their overbearing and heavily descriptive reports on crimes and how they were successfully or unsuccessfully carried out. This has led to the opinion that laws on the medias output should become far tougher as to prevent impressionable minds from considering crime.

As almost all individuals have access to the media they receive the information regarding the acts of violence that have impacted the society almost instantaneously. The constant exposure to these stories can result in a negative impact on a person’s aggressive behaviour. This has been found to be particularly evident in newer generations as they are being exposed to violence from a much younger age, which has resulted in an increase of aggression in children and teens.

A news report about crimes gives us an insight into the illicit world, facilitating our desire by giving us knowledge about how lawless acts are being committed. The media have latched on to this desire and are using it to their advantage to keep themselves in the spotlight. But every day with each article published the audience cannot discern what is fact and what is fiction aimed at grabbing their attention. However although we want the facts, how much information is too much?

In recent years there was an attack on a building in America. A camera showed a man park his car outside a building and leave the car while it was still running. A witness noticed smoke and the authorities were called to reveal a car bomb. The bomb had failed to explode, potentially saving many people...

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