Sicko Analysis

Sicko Analysis

SiCKO Analysis
The lack of health care in the US is what the movie Sicko is all about. Sicko is a documentary that was produced in 2007 by Michael Moore. This movie shows the lack of healthcare in the US, it focuses mostly on the health insurance in the US. Michael compares the healthcare programs in the US with Canada’s healthcare, Cuba’s and France’s.

The famous film producer Michael Moore is the director and the producer of this movie.
Michael Moore is famous for his documentaries that criticize certain things about America, like the healthcare system and the 2nd amendment. In this movie, Sicko, he criticizes the healthcare system in the US and compares it to other countries. Moore says it’s a shame that one richest country in the world does not have money to pay for the health of the people.

The film starts with introducing some people who tells about their past problems with their health and healthcare. Then Michael explains that the movie is not about them, but the Americans who have health insurance.
This is a great introduction to capture the viewers’ attention, because he makes the ones with healthcare feel guilty. After the intro the movie continues with stories and interviews from victims of insurance company frauds and people who didn’t have health insurance. He also travels to Canada, England, Cuba and France to compare the healthcare system with America’s healthcare system. In the end of the movie he travels to Cuba and shows that even the Cuban healthcare system is better then the one in the US.

The point in this movie is that the US needs to have a better healthcare program. I personally think this film is an exciting and appealing movie. Michael Moore has made this movie exciting and interesting even though it is a documentary. There is one bad side with the film, Michael made this film from only one point of view, and he didn’t get any positive stories from the people he interviewed. I think this movie focused too much on only one...

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