Silk Road

Silk Road

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Kasimhan Aydyn CSSE 123K
The Silk Road

I chose this topic because The Great Silk Road this great discovery mankind . The Many devastating wars, destruction, fires, famine and pestilence have seen ancient trading cities along the Silk Road.
For centuries noisy multilingual markets, hundreds of years old caravans
transported for sale to Europeans jewels and silks, spices and dyes, gold, silver, south of exotic birds and animals. Silk Road was to become not only expensive trade, met here two different civilizations - East and West with a very special cultural traditions, religious beliefs, scientific and technical achievements.
Thus, the Silk Road has played a huge role in the history of world civilization, becoming a kind of link between the cultures of the East and the West.


1. We see the Silk Road as a symbol of cultural discovery and exchange, and the project uses artistic expression to nurture creativity similar to what was found on the road in ancient times. We're trying to serve as a common resource for musicians drawing on both ancient and current civilizations along the road.
Laura Freid

2.About Great Silk Road

3.About cities


How Silk Road had affected on the development of Kazakstan?

1. Silk Road in Kazakhstan
2. Trade cities which appeared under the influence of the silk road in Kazakstan

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