Smoking Levels and Behavior of Smokers and Their Attitude Towards Smoking Related Litter

Smoking Levels and Behavior of Smokers and Their Attitude Towards Smoking Related Litter

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Smoking levels and behavior of smokers and their attitude towards smoking related litter.

1. Summary
The aim of this research proposal is to deeply understand the profile of smokers, their behaviour and their motivations towards smoking. Through the research it will be investigated why people start smoking and why they are not quitting. The research is composed of two parts. As discussed, the first is the profile of the smokers and the second is the smoker’s behaviour towards smoking related litter. If the true reasons come to light ‘Stop Smoking Wales’ organisation will have a powerful weapon in its hand in order to create a value campaign.

In order to conduct this research we have used various secondary data. The data that will be used from these sources had been collected for similar purposes and will give us the opportunity to investigate our objectives while keeping budget low. It was our aim to keep the cost down as possible in matters of secondary data so we could use the budget in planning other methods of research.

Methods of collecting primary data will be gathered by focus groups, observation and a questionnaire aiming to discover the insights in smoking and littering behaviour.

To be more specific focus groups are group discussions organised to explore a specific set of issues such as people's views and experiences of contraception (Barker and Ricb 1992, Zimmerman et al. 1990). In our case the focus groups interviewing will be used in order to understand the attitude and behaviour of smokers towards the smoking litter. Thus we will use the street observation. Cardiff City Centre is the chosen location for the observation. We will focus on spots like university and bars. This will give us a good sample of all age groups and the contrast between these two absolute different spots. This will help us understand in depth the ways of smokers behave as they smoke and we will create a true image of their attitude towards smoking litter....

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