So this is permanence

So this is permanence

So This Is Permanence
Section B

1. Write a summary of So This Is Permanence in about 150 words.

Sarah is a young immature teenager who by accident gets pregnant. Now she has a baby which she doesn’t love. Her mother and sister help her to take care of the little person but Sarah is careless about everything. One day she decides to take the baby on a walk, not for fun, but to find a way out of her bad situation. Accidentally she meets Daniel who is the father to the baby. Daniel is together with his friends whom don’t have a clue about Daniels paternity. Daniel is completely careless about Sarah and the baby. He doesn’t talk to her, doesn’t look at her, he is just hiding behind his long hair and shortly after he runs his way. Sarah doesn’t do anything about it; she understands him and feels exactly the same as he does. Daniels example of dealing with the problem gives Sarah an idea. She does the same as he did; she runs away and leaves the baby in the diner.

2. Characterize Sarah.

Sarah is a young 16 year old teenager who by accident got pregnant. As she first discovered that she was pregnant, she wanted an abortion, but her ignorance made it impossible and as her mother was let into her secret an abortion was too late. Sarah is not ready to be a mother, she is too immature and she runs from her responsibility to the little baby by hiding in the bathtub with a book for hours.
Because of her pregnancy she was forced to leave high school which made her happy but after her new role as a mother she would at any time choose school rather than her baby. Already in her pregnancy she felt that the baby was in her way. She wished that she could remove the baby and let it look after itself: If only she were a spider, she might cast this thing off on a windowsill in a bundle of silk and let it hatch on its own.
After the birth she still has a bad attitude. She doesn’t make an effort to take care of her son and she doesn’t appreciate her mothers help....

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