Social Fabric Vol.1

Social Fabric Vol.1

Byeongjoo Jeon
Sarah Hewitt
HIST 113
September 30, 2010

1. How did the ideas of freedom for which the war was fought translate to the context of the rights of women?
Women became get in charged for many fields of society because most men joined military to defeat British. There were successful store manager and they were majority so that protestant leader couldn't ignore women. Thus women began to participate in political act and to understand about political and military situations.

2. Some women thought they should be able to vote, and some women had this right in the new state constitutions to what effect?
At that time, there were women who wanted to get right to vote. For instance, when her assert were denied, Abigail Adams began to campaign for candidates of her choice. Women owed the right to vote to efforts of Hannah Lee Corbin and Mary Byrd. However, after that, Democratic Republican changed the law to stop women's voting.

3. How does this essay show that women were familiar with politics, business and the positive effects of using social networks?
Women got in charged for many fields of society such as politics and business. Successful store managers supported economical boycott and women who left alone at home maintained the society by preserving their business and planting crops. And they also supported the troops financially.

4. How did women participate in the war itself? Were their jobs defined by gender always?
During the war, women worked at the hospital for wounded soldiers. Besides, many women traveled with armies to help the troops. Sometimes, when gun crew member was killed or wounded, women have to fill in for the role. These things taken together, their jobs were not defined by gender always.

5. After the war how did men view the contributions of women? What are the meaning and consequences of labeling women deputy husbands? Did any of these actions change the roles of women in the nineteenth...

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