Social Networking Is Negatively Influencing Teenagers

Social Networking Is Negatively Influencing Teenagers

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Social networking has grasped control of almost every adolescent's life. There is no point in trying to deny it. Everywhere you look you will undoubtedly find a young teenage girl with her eyes glued to her Blackberry updating her Facebook status, not mature enough yet to fully understand how foolish she looks as she narrowly avoids nasty collisions with several people in a crowded corridor on her way to class, all for the sake of informing the whole world about the "state" of history class and how she is going shopping for some high heels to wear for her next disco after school.

She will then proceed to sit down next to her best friends, also "Tweeting" on their flashy touch-screen phones. The shocking part of this image is that they are so excessively engrossed in their social networking that they rarely converse during this peculiar social convention. If people care to hear my opinion on the matter, I think social networking is such a self-contradictory term to use for simple websites that have only succeeded in raising a new breed of socially awkward, paranoid teenagers.

A frightfully widespread issue I have observed myself as a regular user of Facebook is cyber-bullying. This generation of young, fresh-faced are becoming too self-conscious and paranoid by all means. They care too much about what other people think of them and all t hey seem to strive for in life is to be accepted by every single member of their peer group, which in my opinion is a bit sad. This desperate bid for constant attention and acceptance leads to jealousy and hatred which I have seen burn in people's eyes as if they possessed the sceptic scarlet eye of the Devil. They viciously attack anyone who is of any threat to them, be it on an intellectual level or based on outer appearance.

In this day and age, such hatred should no longer exist, but due to the presence of the evils of Facebook, many adolescents feel they can do so without being caught. This is intolerable behaviour...

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