Sociological Imagination

Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination

In sociology, which is the study of society, you can use a sociological imagination

as a different was of looking at things. There are three perspectives you may consider

when you use sociological imagination. One is structure, which is society. It breads down

into two steps a local and global analysis. Another is history. Its step is to analyze how

what happened before affects what happens now. The last perspective is biology and its

step is its description and what makes it unique.

As an example I will use a local, global, and historical analysis to look at how

alcoholic beverages play its role in society. A local analysis would show that alcohol is

used regularly. It is controlled being bought and sold at state liquor stored, grocery stores,

and gas stations you must show proof of age that you are over 21 to consume it. Though it

is controlled it is sold almost anywhere making it an easy resource. It is widely used for

Entertainment, weather it be Super Bowl Sunday or a birthday party. It is very popular in

the college communities as well. It is usually a safe product when consumed wisely.

Those that suffer from this product are those that have lost lives of friends and loved

ones. Also it can create a dependency, therefore, making it hard for those who are

dependant on it to function in society as well as in the home. There have been plenty of

deaths linked to alcohol as well. Mainly driving accidents are seen when a consumers are

over the legal limit. The benefits from this product are the jobs it has created from mass

production and competition. Personally, I drink alcohol socially, but I would not like to

see the legal age limit dropped. I would prefer not to have to worry about the negative affects it could play in my

children’s lives as they become young adults.
My global analysis shows this product is sold and or made worldwide. Weather it...

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