Soldiers are not just regular, everyday people. Soldiers are men and women who have pledged their lives by sacrificing their freedom, some soldiers even gave their lives so that all of the other citizens in America could have the freedom that they have today.

Whenever a person enlists in the military, they become a soldier, an individual who makes a commitment to something bigger than themselves by taking an oath to protect our nation. An enlisted soldier also promises to obey the President of the United States and the officers appointed over them.

A soldier’s actions determine the kind of soldier that person is. A soldier leads by example and does his or her task to a certain standard. It is what sets a soldier apart from a regular civilian. A soldier is supposed to be held to a higher standard because they are the few people that have chosen to defend our way of life. Once a civilian has chosen to become a soldier, that person becomes apart of something bigger than themselves and they have much more responsibility than they had as a civilian.

If someone has to be at work at a certain time, they should be at the appointed place in the right uniform at least ten minutes prior. It is the standard that ensures a soldier is on time to his or her place of duty. If a soldier is late, that soldier sets a bad example not only for himself, but for other soldiers as well. No soldier should have an excuse for being late, especially soldiers that live right across the street from where they work. If a soldier continues to be late, then that soldier could face the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which is covered under Army Regulation 27-10.

Soldiers have to be alert and aware of their surroundings. If information is put out to a soldier, it is the soldier’s individual responsibility to retain that information that is put out to them by whatever means necessary. If a soldier is not sure of what is going on, it is the soldier’s responsibility to ask...

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