Solve Liquidity Problems - Report

Solve Liquidity Problems - Report

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The best way to solve the
liquidity problem of
'Sportswear' within the next three weeks

written by

Andreas Specks

Title page I

Title: The best way to solve the liquidity problem of 'Sportswear' within three weeks.

Name of the author: Andreas Specks

Student Number: 2162070

Class: FMD2A

Learning Arrangement: Business English III (HLA 7)

Lecturer: Drs. P. Cuypers

Institute: Fontys Internationale Hogeschool Economie (FIHE)

Course of studies: International Marketing (IM)

Study Phase: 3rd Semester

Academic Year: 2011

Date of Completion: 1st January 2012

Place: Mönchengladbach, Germany

Summary II

'Sportswear' represents a young enterprise which is founded by sixteen and seventeen year old students of a school in the north east of England. They want to launch its products successfully on the english market. The products are sweatshirts, caps and tracksuits.

The main company problem, caused by the large demand of their products, is the liquidity problem. Due to the enorm demand, the labor intensity is very high and the company can not cope every order. As a result, the main objective of the report is to solve the liquidity problem within the next three weeks.

In order to achieve the main objective of the report, a primary, as well as a secondary, research is necessary to develope possible solutions. The best course of action was elaborated by making use of relevant criteria.

For the purpose of developing possible solutions, to improve the current situation, two main detailed research areas were determined. The first possible solution is to increase the prices of the products, to obtain a lower demand and a higher profit for each of them. This method could be used to act along the lines of: "Supply and demand regulates the price".

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