Soybean Oil Press Machine Characteristics and Five Points Noticed When It Working

Soybean Oil Press Machine Characteristics and Five Points Noticed When It Working

Wintone Machinery Oil Press Machine not enjoy a solid reputation in the domestic market but also sell pretty well around the global. So far, we have exported our products to over 50 countries and regions.

Soybean Oil Press Machine designed by Wintone Machinery Ten Characteristics:

1. Small volume, the appearance of fashion, does not occupy space, smaller than the microwave oven.

2. No noise, machine rotates.

3. A constant temperature heating oil rate - comparable to industrial oil level.

4. Simple operation, get a key, the entire computer control.

Only the raw materials into the feeding hole, press the switch. After the end of operation, the press bore and pressing rod under high temperature conditions, not to touch the press bore and pressing rod.

5. Health and safety -- fresh nutrition Our oil, optional not adulterated, not the drainage oil, materials, safety and health.

6, Strong function, can be pressed tea seed, peanut, sunflower seeds, walnuts, sesame, rapeseed.

Diversified oil, let you at any moment to eat on their own health edible oil

7. The material, the material and are in line with national food grade requirements, the main parts are imported food grade 304 stainless steel.

8. Energy saving, energy saving, oil consumption is only less than half of a power.

9. The purchase of raw materials, markets, supermarkets, convenient network are available.

10. Convenient cleaning, pressing chamber pressing rod pull gently separated, easy cleaning, can also be used to sterilizing cabinet.

Soybean Oil Press Machine is one of the main tool used for making soybean oil. What should we notice when operating soybean oil press machine?

1.Before pressing, the oil press should be tested and warm up, so oil cakes are necessary at this moment. Several minutes are enough and then begin to press.
2.When pressing, soybean feeding should be continuous and average to make sure the normal working of oil press.
3.As the filtering...

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