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In these 20 page it talks about the boys child hood and how it was. It flashes back on how the boy had started getting into animals and had starting conducting experiments out of them. I got the feeling by reading these pages that the parents were not really interested in what PI was doing.


In these 20 pages the boy talks about how he likes Hindu temples and how they are the most beautiful things that he has ever seen. Pi also compares Christianity to Hinduism. He says in the aspect of religion they both are equally a like.


In these 20 pages it describes religion to us as if you were a teenager. It says that teenagers in a sense always hide behind their feelings and never show them to god. It also talks about atheists and their last words. Pi explains it as a leap of faith when you are dieing not knowing what to do. So, some atheists ask for forgiveness at there death bed to try to get to heaven.

In these 20 pages it explains how exactly Pi became interested into animals. The story was pi growing up with animals and having a lot of them. One day Pi’s teacher asked him to show him animals at the zoo. Pi meet his teacher at the zoo. It was also Pi’s first time ever going. When they were going through all of the animals, Pi was naming them all and giving a full detail and description about them.


In this 20 pages the Pi is on a ship traveling. Out of no where the ship starts sinking. After this Pi is forced to get on a life raft and ride it out. But Pi is not alone. There is a tiger, a hyena, a zebra, and tiger named Richard Parker on the boat with him too.


In this 20 pages Pi is starting to get scared and begins to think what will happen to him now that he is on this boat. He is wondering if people even know where he is and if they even care if the ship sank. Also Pi starts describing the animals that are on board with him going over every detail of their body, from shape to...

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