Spending 3 Months in Usa

Spending 3 Months in Usa

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“Spending three months in the USA”

According to the Benjamin Franklin, “if time being of things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality”. In summertime, we did variety of activities for own but sometimes in retrospect, we did nothing and couldn’t use own time efficiently. Also when I will work in USA, I can spend my time very well. Moreover one of my objectives would come true and I would study English successfully or useful things. Nowadays, English is very popular language and most of information, advertisement, lectures and other things processing and publishing on English. Otherwise sometimes we late from specific things because of bad English. So going to USA is big opportunity for contributing own English quickly. On the other hand, out of studying English, I would learn many useful things so I classified it:

At the beginning, time working in the USA can give me many positive changes. For instance, my communication skills would be better than before and that changes make me will be having good ability when I would have accession. Furthermore, my time management would be improving and I can make money for my tuition fee and my younger brothers’ education too.

Next, that opportunity will be encouraged me lot and sharpened my desire. I think, being in the USA with new environment, new people and new culture would develop me by many methods and border of my ambition or future vision would extended to best ways. Overall I want to be masterly woman especially good cadres for own country in order that I must study hard and determine own main goal correctly. Therefore, this program would help me lot.

After that, Foreigners have little understanding about our country and I will be distribute own tradition, history or other glories to them truly everywhere. Likewise, I like studying history which especially political, developmental and celebrated people. So America is highly developed and big country of the world. Therefore I...

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