16 Month Baby

16 Month Baby

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My interpretation of a 16 month old
My interpretation of the 16 month old born June 25, 2010 we can
Call him jasper at cornerstone church On October 24, 2010 at nine to
Nine forty –five .As I first entered the day care center I was amazed of
How big and how many toys there were. As I came in discreet I asked
We can call her Pam which child would I have the opportunity of
Observing she pointed and I began observing Jasper he was walking
And then he spotted a baby girl and he turned around and walked
Backwards and sat right on her tummy and said “oops” “oh oh” the girl
Screamed he got scared and ran away and I think he thought it was
Okay and just wanted to play and I thought it had to do something
With Ethologic theory attachment and relationship with others and
Plays an important role in the development of relationships in infancy.

Jaspers next toy was a toy that lights up and counting 1, 2, 3 etc
And he just kept hitting the part that lights up and each color brought
Some excitement and joy to especially the red color and it kept his
Attention for a long period of time changing colors and changing
Numbers got his attention and kept his attention.

When jasper was climbing on the gate screaming and saying “Ma
Ma Ma” I think he has separation anxiety and emotional attachment
Issues.Mr Piget defined this as egocentrism an incomplete
Differentiation of the self and the world, It becomes a disorder when
The separation reaction becomes strong enough to impair people
Ability to conduct. Children can exhibit temper tantrums — whining,
Crying, throwing objects, and screaming. This usually occurs because
They feel excessive and disabling distress when separated from his
Caregiver. For emotional attachment to even occur Jasper has to have
A bond with someone as he has with his mother and separation
Anxiety the loss of attachment figure is considered to be a normal
And adaptive response for...

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