Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

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Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Communication Channels
Samsung Electronics has expanded and reinforced its communication channels with its stakeholders to listen to and reflect their opinions in its business operations. All suggestions and interests of stakeholders are directly delivered to top management via the internal reporting process. The CSR Liaison Office shares stakeholder opinions and grievances with the pertinent departments by the CSR-NET system to promptly respond to the raised issues.

Prosumer initiatives


Customer satisfaction surveys

GWP programs Employee satisfaction surveys Grievance procedure system


Outsourcing the survey at least twice a year Insightful and accurate capturing of customer needs and reflecting them in future product development (comprised of customers)

Employee satisfaction surveys slated twice a year Addressing employee grievances through appropriate procedures and systems Building a great workplace for the enhanced work efficiency of employees

Business Partners

Collaboration meetings Exchange meetings Best practice workshops

Visits to rural villages olunteer service center in eight regions One-company, one-village sisterhood ties

Local Communities

Promoting mutual benefits and collaborating in sustainable development through information exchange and joint technology development Consulting for improvements in selected areas of common interest Rewarding and sharing best practices of innovation

Communication Channel

1,500 volunteer teams are operated across all our business premises Social contribution activities based on partnerships Lending hands to farming villages, purchasing necessities from them and providing medical services

Shareholders /Investors

Analyst Day IR Sessions Disclosures Non-Deal Roadshow One-on-One Meetings

National projects Technology Development Advisory


Annual non-deal roadshow by top management or executives for...

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