Standard Operating Process of Vibrating Screen

Standard Operating Process of Vibrating Screen

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When you start : After opening shaker, standing beside the box monitoring equipment to control abnormal start immediately shut down . After the re- start inspections of each shaker normal nozzle clogging or loss, frequently observed in the motor temperature and sound , the sound of the exciter often observed to see whether the four corners of the amplitude of vibration sieve consistent phenomenon coal belt is a seamless loose or fall off SICOMA MPC planetary mixers for sale, often observed dehydration sculping effect. Check the sieve into the material clogging the situation is normal .Stop : the material on the sieve to drain after shutdown . When observed through a sieve resonance point whether the collision with other devices when the following conditions must be stopped immediately found when parking.

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When endanger personal safety or equipment encountered more screen area deposit debris when cutting the poor , a large area of the screen broken , severely clogged sieve chute SICOMA concrete mixer Mobile Electric Concrete Mixer, swinging screen box and other serious abnormalities . Troubleshooting can restart after running shaker.

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