Star bucks

Star bucks

Starbucks Coffee

BA 4700

Starbucks: beginnings
• In 1971, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker
opened the first store in Seattle.
• Inspired and mentored by Alfred Peet.
• First store opened in Pikes Place, a touristy area in Seattle.
• Customers were encouraged to learn how to grind the
beans and make their own freshly brewed coffee at home.
• The store did not offer fresh-brewed coffee sold by the cup
like today, they sold beans and coffee makers.
• The store was an immediate success, with sales exceeding

Howard Schultz

business man from New York visited Starbucks in 1981.
Pursued a job at Starbucks, and finally after much
deliberations he was offered a job in September of 1982.
Schultz had a vision for Starbucks:

Wanted to expand the company
Visited Italy and loved the concept of the Italian Bar

Starbucks owner did not have the same vision for
Schultz left Starbucks to open Il Giornale, a coffee bar
based on what he saw in Italy.

• In 1987, Schultz bought Starbucks and
turned the company operations around.
• By October 1987, Starbucks expanded
outside the pacific northwest into Chicago.

• In 1993, the company went public.
• Schultz wanted Starbucks to be a great
place to work so he did everything in his
power to do that.
– Great pay
– Great benefit plan
– Stock Purchase Plan for employees

Starbucks Today:
Mission Statement
“Establish Starbucks as the premier
purveyor of the finest coffee in the world
while maintaining our uncompromising
principles while we grow.”

Executive Officers

Howard Schultz
Jim Donald
Martin Coles
Jim Alling
Paula Boggs
Michael Casey
Dorothy Kim
David Pace
Troy Alstead
Cliff Burrows
Brian Crynes
Christine Day
Michelle Gass
Tony George
Margie Giuntini

Julio Gutiérrez
Willard (Dub) Hay


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