Beans & Buck

Beans & Buck

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Conceptualizing a Business

Micah Dorsett

Integrated Business Topics BUS/475
Professor: Douglas Bryant
July 25, 2009

Beans and Buck$
About the Company
Beans and Bucks is an international coffee chain that wants to expand its business to the United States and beyond. The climate and culture where a coffee company does business has a large impact on the moral and ethical decisions made by an organization. The people and the government of the country where Beans and Buck$ has a direct relationship on how the company should proceed morally and ethically. One of the goals of Beans and Buck$ is to improve the quality of life in the country where it does business. Corruption on foreign soil is a problem to deal with diplomatically and tactfully to maintain a healthy relationship.
“The organization’s mission is to promote ethics in communities through research, education, and leadership by helping young people and adults to judge what is right, care deeply about what is right, and to do what is right” (Williams, 2009). The company believes these are the ingredients to the recipe for moral maturity
The organization’s mission represents a vision of helping others in a way that would better a person’s behavior for years to come. With such a respect for ethical awareness, individuals can rely on the survey to release a new way of thinking about ethical philosophy.
Code of Ethics
A formal code of ethics exists for Beans and Buck$. The code of ethics is in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and is based on the highest ethical standards. All employees of Beans and Buck$ are expected to adhere to this code.
Topics included in the code of ethics of the company include honesty, and ethical conduct. Employees are expected to exhibit and promote honesty and ethical conduct when faced with conflicts that may arise in the organization such as conflicts of interest whether personal or professional. A...

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