Bean Cleaning Machine Noises Analysis

Bean Cleaning Machine Noises Analysis

Each machine may generate noises after a long-term of usage. Bean cleaning machine also has noises. But what causes the noises? We should have a careful analysis. Only by finding the causes of the bean cleaning machine noises, can we find out the solutions to mend it.

It is normal to have bean cleaning machine noises in operation. But it is abnormal when you hear the harsh noises from the machine sometimes, or we say bean cleaning machine abnormal noises. The operator should check the bean cleaning machine noises regularly. From the long term experience conclusion, bean cleaning machine abnormal noises have the following features and causes.

1. If there has uneven clash sound, this belongs to bean cleaning machine abnormal noises. It may be due to the crash between the impeller and the fan housing.

2. If the clearance between the stator and the rotor is not even, and the high and low sound interval keeps invariant, then this is caused by decentraction between the stator and the rotor due to bearing wear.

3. The noise from bean cleaning machine rotor friction belongs to the limiting condition of stator scrapping rotor. And this is also the BEAN CLEANING MACHINE abnormal noises.

4. Iron core is loose. Due to vibration in motor running, it makes the iron core fixed bolt loosen and causes iron core silicon steel sheet loose and originates noises.

5. Some noises are due to part of slot wedge popping, vibration, or the improper length of the fixed bolt of the bearing cap.

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