Bean peeling machine features and motor noises

Bean peeling machine features and motor noises

It can be used in series or in parallel in complete processing line according to technological demand.
It is suitable for different beans peeling when changed related technical parameter.
It has the aspiration and dust removal system outside, which ensures the best sanitary conditions.

The level of noise control technology and fan size and energy level, the gap control, vibration values for gap control properly, the efficiency up, energy consumption decreases, noise reduction. Fans of the usual maintenance: under normal circumstances, we will open a hole in the low-pressure turbine cleaning, and timely cleaning can reduce fan vibration, balance running 2 C fan timely replacement of oil

Fan vibration for the following reasons : a solid foundation 2 wheel bolt loose parts or grazing 3 4 5 out of the impeller inlet pipe deformation poor installation , impeller fouling resonance 6 7 installation errors, the motor shaft and the fan shaft misalignment.

Bearing temperature: 1 grease failure or mixed dust, impurities 2 bearing cover bolts too tight or loose links 3 bearing damage. A gas density is too large , the motor overload 2 grid voltage is too low or single-phase power

Grid voltage is too low or single-phase power for bean peeling machine:
1 fan is installed so that the motor should be grounded.
2 each time you start the fan intake damper closed tightly, upon turning to open the throttle properly .
3 fan operation is strictly prohibited to enter the foreign body.
In bean peeling machine industry, the policy can be divided into import and export policies, trade policies, purchasing and storage and auction policies that constitute the production on bean deep-processing industry, and affect bean peeling machine manufacturing.

While domestic bean deep-processing industry is affected by the impact of policies, and the extent of its impact is essentially the first order of industrial policy followed by...

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