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Starbucks uses common sense and just puts people before products. It seems to be working out for them. They also think highly of their employees or “partners” as they like to call them. Starbucks seems to take a practical approach to making decisions. “The practical approach to decision making combines the steps of the rational approach with the conditions in the behavior approach to create a more realistic approach for making decisions in organizations” (Moorehead, 2007).They go beyond the rule of thumb and satisfy limitations and generate as many alternatives as time, money and other practicalities of a situation allow (Moorehead, 2007). This formula has been working in their favor since 1971 (Starbucks, 2008).

For instance Starbucks wants to build a neighborhood alliance. If they think that their store may cause problems or not benefit the community in any way they will not put their store there. “Starbucks works closely with civic organizations to help us better understand the opportunities, concerns and challenges faced by local communities. Infrastructure, workforce development and urban revitalization are just a few of the issues we have addressed through these relationships. Through our involvement with the U.S. Conference of Mayors, and the National Trust Main Street Center, we have become more knowledgeable about how communities are impacted by sustainability and preservation issues. An example of our collaborative approach took place in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where our engagement with the League to Save Lake Tahoe led us to offer a special blend of coffee that provided monetary support to preserve this treasured natural resource”( Starbucks, 2008).

Starbucks also knows when to call it quits. For seven years Starbucks operated a store in the forgotten city in Beijing, China. This store helped keep this treasured Chinese garden alive. Doing business globally presents them with opportunities to learn and grow, especially as they introduce the...

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