Statement of Advice

Statement of Advice

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Xie Liu
Rohit Lakhotia
Luqi Zhang
Authorised Representatives

Magnanimous Pty Ltd
ACN 000 000 000
Australian Financial Services Licence Holder No. 123 456
PQ Box1, Marsfield, New South Wales 2122

06 April 2009

Mr Daniel Craig
21 Raymond Street, Marsfield, NSW 2122

Dear Daniel,

Re: Preparation of Statement of Advice

Further to our recent meeting, please find enclosed your Statement of Advice (SOA). The SOA has been prepared on the basis of information you provided in the data collection form. It has been designed to achieve your current financial and non-financial objectives, over the short and longer term and in retirement.

Would you please carefully review the document and contact us immediately if there are inaccuracies in the data or if your circumstances have changed significantly prior to deciding to implement the recommendations.

The recommendations are only valid for a period of 30 days; the changes of circumstances would need to be taken account if you choose to implement after 30 days.

The plan relates to your current financial position and will need to be reviewed regularly in the future. Therefore, we recommend that you use our ongoing monitoring, advisory and reporting service, details of which are outlined in the SOA. This service will monitor your financial affairs into the future to ensure that your investments are meeting your goals and objectives.

If you have any questions about the report’s contents, or any other financial matter, please contact us before implementing the recommendations.

To obtain further details about the type of advice we are authorized to provide, the basis of my charges and the procedure to follow if you have a complaint, please refer to the copy of the Financial Services Guide (FSG) that was provided to you during our initial interview.

We look forward to discussing the issues contained in this report and to providing you with continuing assistance with your financial affairs into...

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