Business Plan Advice

Business Plan Advice

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Business Plan Advice

Seyedsina Golestanian
26 Aug 2013
Mohammad Sharifzadeh

The Atlas Printing Co. has 40 employees include 35 workers, 4 office workers and a general manager. The owner decides to buy the new printing machine. The company has the good credit in bank so they decide to get loan from the bank. The owner needs the pro forma financial statement to make sure the company can pay off the 5 years loan and analyze the profitability of the company with new production line.

Atlas Printing Co.

Balance Sheet

For Year Ending December 31, 2013

Current Assets


Cash 100,525

Account Receivable 560,000

Inventory 300,000

Prepaid Expenses 20,000

Total Current Assets 880,525

Fixed Assets

Property—net of depreciation 2,150,000

Equipment—net of depreciation 800,000

Vehicles—net of depreciation 50,000

Total Fixed Assets 3,000,000

Total Assets 3,880,525

Current Liabilities


Revolving lines of credit 250,000

Account Payable 388,000

Current Portion of Long-term Debt 550,000

Total Current Liabilities 1,188,000

Long-term Liabilities

Long-term debt and capital leases 690,500

Loans payable to stockholders 360,500

Total Long-term Liabilities 710,000

Total Liabilities 1,798,000

Stockholders Equity

Common stock...

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