Statement of Purpose: Management

Statement of Purpose: Management

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I would like to introduce myself as a person with a technical aptitude and a keen interest in management. My fascination towards management started during my years at engineering college. This is where I was introduced to courses like operation research, engineering management, project planning and cost estimation and total quality management during my years at engineering college. I gradually started realizing that these courses were of great interest to me.
It was during a project in the final year of my engineering that I got an opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practical use. The project was about designing air receiver and pneumatic layout for Fine metal works. Though it sounds technical, the project had another facet where cost estimation and implementation were to be done; that I successfully completed. This peep through into the world of management helped me to have a better understanding and it dawned to me that, one needs to possess managerial skills apart from having machinery expertise that an engineering course bestows.

On the extra curricular activities side, I have been an organizer of a National Level Technical Symposium, ‘FLAMOYER 05’ that gave me an opportunity to bring out my leadership potential. I led the Tack Together and Designers Mind panel, the two most prestigious events of the Technical Symposium, which went on to become a grand success. Now at Vazhai, an NGO that strives to provide equal education to school students at remote parts in Tamil Nadu, I have had the pleasure of being a teacher to school children. At Vazhai we put hours to try and find ways to make it simple for children to understand various subject. Every time I have been tested for my leadership quality, team playing ability, etc...All these experiences brought out my potential to be a leader and enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills

All these experiences brought out my potential to be a leader and enhanced my communication and...

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