Stereotypes on Hollywood Movies

Stereotypes on Hollywood Movies

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Teenagers believe TV. They are trying to find where they fit into society - and TV tells them. They are either a 'nerd'; or they are 'cool'.

To be cool you have to go out and spend all your money on new clothes.

Most hollywood movies just put a bunch of steriotypes on a screen.

It is believed that Hollywood affects a lot of things people do, think and say. I will be looking at whether Hollywood affects the world in a positive or negative way. Hollywood films promote sex and violence. This affects moral values of a majority of people and leads young people to think this is right. "My parents won't let me see any movies that really have violence," said Seth, an 11-year-old student in a school in America. "But some of my friends got to see Small Soldiers, and they pretended to be the guys in it and... It seems to me that Hollywood stars set the image and influence of America GREATLY. I finally figured out why the American people look like a bunch of superficial idiots in this world, and that is the image set from these stars that the entire world sees. They are super rich, super flashy, and live among the elite without (perhaps) a true understanding of reality in this world. I guess it saddens me to see this because I don't believe that Hollywood stardom is a true representative of the American people, yet because of their worldwide fame, this is how we look.
West Hollywood's property crime levels tend to be higher than California's average level. The same data shows violent crime levels in West Hollywood tend to be much higher than California's average level.

Hollywood, and the entertainment industry in general. has changed the basic ways we look at the world, including politics. Over time, it has had a huge effect on politics, and if you don't believe it, are wrong!(lol!!!)

Style over substance, loudness over reason, quick short term fix over long term goals, selfishness over sacrifice... You know in the last two years we have...

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