Story on Guru Disciple Relationship

Story on Guru Disciple Relationship

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The sage Dhaumya of Mahabharata fame was the
high priest of the Pandavas. He had a big ashram and many disciples. Many children were sent there
to study. Regular classes were held and most of the children were asked to attend. But there were
two who were entrusted with other jobs and did not attend the classes. These were Upamanyu who was
given the charge of the cows and Aruni who looked after the cultivation. The other boys made fun at
their apparent dull-headedness, thinking that they were unfit for study, but those two boys were
happy and satisfied with their work. They were surrendered to their Guru's will.
Years passed and still these two boys discharged their duties faithfully. The other boys continued
to make fun of them. Dhaumya was aware of the situation and decided to show their greatness to the
rest of the ashramites. He called Upamanyu one day and questioned him, "Upamanyu, what do you eat
that you are growing so fat?" "Sir, I eat only what the ashram Mother gives me," replied the boy.
"Well then, do not eat

Stories on Guru - Disciple Relationship

anything from the ashram hereafter," said the Guru. A week passed when the master called the
disciple again. "One week has passed and you still have not lost any weight. What do you eat now-a-
days?" asked Dhaumya. "Swami, when I am very hungry I go out and beg for my food," replied
Upamanyu. "Don't you know that you are supposed to give such food to the Guru? Henceforth, bring it
here to me." But Dhaumya would not give any of the begged food to the boy to eat. After some days
the Guru called the boy again. "Now what are you eating?" The boy replied, "When I am very hungry I
drink a little milk from the cows." "Don't do that in future," said the Guru. Another week passed
and the Guru called the boy. "You are still looking healthy. What are you eating now-a-days?" "Sir,
after the calves have finished drinking the cow's...

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