Stress in Nurses

Stress in Nurses

People who admire nurses often say they would want to be a nurse, but others say it is a

job that they think they could not handle. Being a nurse takes a lot of courage to do the things

they do. With the strength and the ability to provide care towards others is important. Gender

isn’t an issue when caring for others. However, people usually tend to believe nursing to be as a

woman’s role and not a man. Individuals, particularly men can easily distinguish women to be

the primary caregivers today. They identify them as nurturing, loving, and caring. In society

today, nurses have a major role in life even though they encounter many stresses and feel anxiety

throughout their career. Becoming a nurse takes a lot of dedication and the end result will make

an individual proud of ever becoming one and there will definitely be no doubt that they regret

ever choosing this path for their entire life.

Dating way back to when till we can remember, nurses experience a lot of distress and

anxiety. “Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that causes nervousness, fear,

apprehension, and worrying. These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can

manifest real physical symptoms” (“Anxiety”, 2010). Nurses

deal with a lot of situations that made them come across several stressors and later lead to

anxiety. They don’t know what to expect the next time they came in for work. They have to be

prepared for all the special needs, responsibilities, and most importantly have to engage with

patients who had urgent needs. In hospitals and clinics, every need is urgent. “To a certain extent,

anxiety can be a motivating factor to act to resolve a situation, or it can create paralyzing fear,

causing inaction. “Peplau (1989) suggests that the combination of physiological arousal (flight or

fight), cognitive processes and coping strategies determine outcome in any...

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