Student Essay 8480

Student Essay 8480

Sophia Zia

My Autobiography

Starting secondary school was very scary. I was very excited because I thought going to school would make me look big, and it was a big step from primary school.

I woke up extra early and put on my uniform I twirled infront of the mirror, so proud of my blue uniform. I had to wear a tie as well, which I was not happy about. My mother looked at me with a proud smile and smirked. It was time to leave.

My mother held my hand as we left home. I turned the corner and I saw all the children in the playground most of them were double the size of me, and were walking away from their parents. I let go of my mother's hand and walked beside her.

It was time I reached the school. My first impression of it was that it was big and looked like a prison, with the windows tightly shut. My heart was thumping. I felt very small I heard my name being being shouted and it was my friend from primary school, she was so excited and said.

"We are in the same form room" she said it so quickly that I did not hear the first time.

After that there was a bell and the form tutors were standing there. Each one called out the names of the girls in their form and we all had to make a line. We were now going to go into the building. Our class noticed there was a smell of varnish. Everything looked big compared to my primary school furniture. The form tutor sat us all down in our form room and I was sitting beside my friend. I asked if she was scared, She replied "yes".

It was time for my form tutor to introduce himself. He looked big and very scary; his name was Mr Blanchard. He was talking about these years are going to be hard and then he jumped into talking about year nine sats's. He said they were very important I was very confused.

He told us to all stand up and introduce ourselves. I was so scared because I was not confident about speaking in front of the whole class. After the...

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