Studying the Postgraduate Program

Studying the Postgraduate Program

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I am interested in studying in the postgraduate program for
many reasons. For instance, to me, the most important reason is to
be able to reach out to those in need of dentistry. Also, it is a
known fact that dentistry is a changing field, which we have to follow
this change. I feel the knowledge in which I gain from my education
will make me better in this field making me more equipt to follow
the changes and keep me on top of the latest in technology.

By continuing postgraduate program in dentistry, via the
residency program or advanced education in general dentistry,
it will give me the drive to practice dentistry as it must be
in todays ever-changing dentistry field. By gaining dentistry
knowledge from highly-experience professionals, learning
cutting-edge technology, being aware of the latest in dentistry
terminology, as well as having knowledge of the material will make
my skills elevate to levels that will be beneficial to the public.
its my belief that learning in hospital will allow me to see more
new cases, have never seen it in my practical life ,still i remember
one unique case i had seen it, during my university practical life,
it was about cancrum, and some type of aggressive oral cancer ,so it
was really encourging me to continue my postgraduate .

As long as the opportunity for the research is also available,
I am very interested in researching in any area of the dentistry
field. It is my feeling that this postgraduate program will open
many doors for me in research and hopefully continuing into
a practice under the guided hand of a well-trained dentist.

I look forward to one day opening my very own dentistry practice
so that I can achieve my ultimate goal of success and being a great

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