Simply put, Subway is the best. Any why you ask, is Subway the best? From its fresh ingredients to its price, you will leave Subway happy. Subway’s sandwiches are made with freshly-sliced meats and veggies piled high over the bread of your choosing. We can even then oven-toast your sandwich until its golden brown, so each bite is filled with flavor. There are many qualities about Subway that contributes to the fact that Subway is good enough to serve as your meal, but it can be broken down into three reasons.

Not only is Subway delicious, but it’s healthy too! Why would you eat a 2000 calorie meal that is over-processed, frozen and fried when you can eat a meal for 300 calories that is made of fresh vegetables and meats and created right in front of you? Subway is so healthy for you, that people have gone on diets by just eating subway and lost a lot of weight! You can choose right from the menu a sandwich that has less than 6 grams of fat. Mayo can sometimes be fattening, but that doesn’t stop Subway! You can substitute it, along with many other things on the menu for a healthier choice! All in all, Subway is filling, tasty and good for you.

We make tasty, delicious sandwiches to stuff your face and fill your stomach. Striving to make the best sandwiches, wraps and salads, we use high quality ingredients that consist of freshly baked bread, crispy vegetables and unprocessed meat. You can also choose from a variety of drinks along with a bag of chips or a fresh cookie to go along with your meal. Taking a bite into a personally made meal of your choice will be just the thing to satisfy your hunger. Your body will thank you along with your taste buds.

Subway can be the meal for everyone. We have over 2 million sandwich combinations so that nobody will leave unsatisfied. We also have a selection of tasty vegetarian meals that have crispy vegetables and delicious dressings. Are sandwiches not your thing? Not to worry! We also have scrumptious soups and...

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