Success 29

Success 29

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Success can be defined as impressive achievement, especially the attainment of fame, wealth, or power. Through hard work and dedication we all can be successful no matter our ethnicity or social class. We just have to make the right choices.

Life is all about making choices no one can force you to make choice. Everything we do in life involves choices regardless of the business you are going into or the schools we decide to attend we all have to make a choice. Some people make choices that are not always the right ones but in the end they will learn from their mistakes. If we have a plan without any actions behind it our plan is going to fail. For Example. Someone wants to be a successful actor or actress they cannot just sit on their talent and not use it. They have to network and try to find out valuable information that will benefit them in trying to land the perfect role on the Television next hit series. We have to invest time in whatever we want to do in life.

We should always remember that at the end of our tenure at school we should go out and get a career and not just a job so that we can be sitting at the head of the decision making table, so that we have some say in the company’s long standing. “We are the future, we are the next generation” we are a responsible leader that possesses leadership qualities of making the right decisions, staying focused and are enthusiastic about our careers.

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