Success in Exam

Success in Exam

In order to succeed well in any examination it is necessary to study. Therefore if one studies hard for an examination, he or she will be successful in his or her studies.

In my opinion, we must study for our examination, however study hard doesn’t means he or she will successful in his or her studies. Some student that not even study inside class can get a good results in their examination whereas some student study the whole time may even get the worst results compared to the other student that less study. Thus this shows if one study hard, doesn’t necessary he or she will be successful in their studies.

Somehow if we put a lot of effort in studying for the examination, surely we’ll receive the rewards. However, this concern with how we manage our studies. Some student study the hard way by memorizing whereas some other student study the smart way by understanding of the subject. Both of ways of studying definitely affects the results of our results. For example, some smart student only spend 2 hours study and concentrate 100% inside class, if we study the smart way, we do not need to waste unnecessary time on study hard for 10 hours a day for some student. We can use the time to do some other things such as completing assignments or coursework. Thus, this shows that we do not need to study hard to succeed, but study smart to excel in examinations.

For example, some student relax all the way from the beginning of the semester till the end, then final exam around the corner, they begin to study hard. This way of study is good for some student that weak in memorizing, but, in this way they do not learn. If we sped our time to learn and know deep into the subject, instead of memorizing, definitely we’ll able to remember for a long period of time, whereas, if we memorize, surely we’ll forget after the exam are over. Are these the level of our education level? By memorizing? This is the results of many unemployed graduates today, because of they unable to...

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