Summary Response

Summary Response

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Charlee Chinjaturapart
WR 115
Cause and effect
Being a foreign student

Becoming international student is a significant changed in one’s life. Living in a country far away from home can bring many things, "which always change the pattern of life". When I became a foreign student in Singapore, many things changed me. It started when both of my parents wanted me to get a better education, being able to speak two languages is necessary, and Thailand was bad because of politicians, and government were fighting. They first sent me to Singapore to prepare my English skill. When I arrived Singapore, I had no idea about English all I did was using my hands to communicate. It was a good decision, for my parents to send me to Singapore many things changed. I had to start speaking English, although I did not know how to speak it properly, but the conditions forced me to do so. When people do not live with their family, they have to adjust and learn how to live with other people. My parent thought I was ready for real life, and they decided to send me to USA. I went to boarding school in Baltimore that my uncle used to go when he was studying. I started learning how to live with other people and be nice to other, but the world is not beautiful as I thought, I always got picked on by a teacher, whatever and how good I do it did not matter to him, I was always wrong.

The main effect and the one that affect me the most is the fact that my parents are far away, which means that no one is going to stand in front of me and bare everything for me. It was good when my dad drove me to school, and when the classes finished somebody came to pick me up and went home; but being a foreign student means that I have to take care of myself, usually international student have to take care of dirty dishes since they are living in the dormitory. This means they have to learn new things. Another affect is time management international students have to manage their time...

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