Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant Supplier

Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant Supplier

we advice you consider us at first if you want to buy sunflower OIL EXTRACTION PLANT, for we are the professional manufacturer of sunflower seed oil extraction plant in China, can supply you the equipment according to your requirements.
OIL EXTRACTION PLANT is very important section in sunflower seed oil producing line, it can extract sunflower oil from the pressed seed cakes by soaking or spraying with solvent. when start the sunflower oil extraction plant, we should to know the following knowledge:

Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant features;
1.Full negative pressure control and Paraffin recycling equipment;
2.Advanced technology,high quality;
3.High safety,interlocking control,automatic control,stable operation;
4.Then oil extraction plant can ensure low consumption,low oil residue and high quality final products;
5.Competitive price and suitable oil extraction plant equipment

Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant main section:
1. Extractor: in the extractor, spraying the solvent to the oil material flake and dissolve the oil fats. Then get the wet meal also the mixture of oil and solvent;
2. Solvent pump: spraying the solvent to the oil material continuously;
3. DTDC: separating the solvent from the wet meal;
4. Evaporator: separating the solvent from the mixed oil to get the crude oil and recycling the solvent;
5. Stripper: evaporating the rest solvent in the oil;
6. Condenser: cooling the solvent from gas to liquid for recycling;

Sunflower Oil Extraction Plant main process:
(1) The material (for pretreatment) is sent to oil extraction plant by the scraper conveyor. The material will extracted by the solvent or mix oil. After this step, we will get meal and mix oil.
(2) Meal is sent to toaster. Through the toaster, the solvent in the meal will separate from the meal. The solvent goes to condenser and is recycled to oil extraction plant.
(3) After the mix oil from the oil extraction plant enters into 1st evaporator and 2nd...

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