Sunflower seed oil plant

Sunflower seed oil plant

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crude sunflower oil

sunflower oil

refined rapeseed oil

The Sunflower kernel accounts for 70% of the seed and the oil content is about 40%-45% in the seeds. The whole sunflower oil plant contains three workshops:

1. Sunflower oil press workshop introduction:

It is necessary for hulling the sunflower seeds before pressing, so it could reduce the wax content of final oil, which is bad for human. Cleaning process: In order to obtain high effective cleaning, ensure good work condition and production stability, high efficient vibration screen was used in the process to separate big and small impurity. Suction type gravity stoner removing machine was applied to remove the shoulder stone and earth, and magnetic separation equipment without power and exhaust system were used to remove iron. Dust removing wind net is installed.

Softening process: with YPHW series horizontal softening pot, material enters softening drum through feeding auger, and turns over with the rotating drum. The rotating drum is equipped with heating tube, and there is steam in the tube. When material turns over continuously with the rotating drum, soy is heated to 50-70℃ and is fully softened, which can improve soy plasticity, make germ flake thin and burly and improve extraction effect. In addition, the rotating drum has the inclination of high feed end and low discharge end. According to material softening conditions, regulate the rotating speed of drum to control the .Including to the following machinery and parts:

Flaking Process: hydraulic compact roller flaker is used to ensure thin and uniform flake, with high toughness and small powder.

Prepressing:squeeze out some of the oil from the high-oil materials, such as sunflower seed , rapeseed to meet the following cake extraction requirements.

The dry cake is loose-structured and not broken, easy for solvent permeability, with low residual oil and low running cost.

2.Sunflower oil extraction...

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