Sweet Summer

Sweet Summer

88% watermelon
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Sweet Summer

Every time I bite into a slice of juicy mouthwatering watermelon it takes me back to childhood memories and the lazy days

spent in the hot glimmering sun. I remember every summer my family would grow the beautiful green melons in the garden and then

impatiently wait for them to ripen in the golden sun.

I often reminisce the times when my father and I would scurry out to the melon patch trailing upon the dry and dusty earth

to find that one of the sweet and colorful fruits would be ready to be plucked from the tightly matted green vine. We would put the

melon in the refrigerator and count down the agonizing hours until it was cold enough to eat.

A melon has to be picked at just the right time to ensure it fulfills its purpose in

life, which is to be as juicy and sweet as can be. The melons that have slipped their stems, or come off the fuzzy green vines on their

own, are guaranteed goodness just waiting to be cut open . Knock on the smooth oblong shell and if the sound reverberates through

the entire fruit with a hollow tone, you’ll know it’s time to flood your taste buds with goodness. These tricks of the trade help you

decide if its time to gather in the sweet treat at harvest time.

Opening a melon up was always a very exciting event for me, I never knew what

to expect. Was the flesh going to be vibrant dark pink in color, yellow or vibrant red, seedy or seedless. No matter what color of flesh it

was always a tasty treat.

I didn't seem to mind that juice dribbling down my face and off my chin. That was living the "good life". Enjoying the best

eating in the world. I can even tell you the name of the watermelon variety that I enjoyed the most as a child, it was named Black

Diamond. It was the sweetest...

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