Swot analysis of Telstra

Swot analysis of Telstra

S.W.O.T Analysis of Telstra Corporation


Telstra is the pioneer of 3G and 4G network providing. Telstra is able to create a strong customer foundation and trust. It is Australia’s leading company of telecommunications and services.
Telstra has successfully set up a comprehensive website and numerous stores throughout Australia.
Telstra’s services, namely 3G are able to provide coverage to 99% of the Australian population. Rival networks borrow Telstra’s own network for their own coverage, making them dependant on Telstra.
Telstra carries out various promotional events and projects to keep the loyalty of their customers as well as attracting new ones.
The company has over 35,000 employees working for it.


Their 4G network is still relatively new with room for improvement. It only reaches a small number of Australia’s populous.
When compared to its competitors, such as Optus or Vodafone its services are expensive.
Telstra is still mainly focused in Australia only, with very little overseas focus. It needs to make more aggressive moves to broaden its services globally.
Telstra is keeping focused on post-paid mobile services rather than prepaid.
The company has reduced their fixed line advertising and invested more time and money into promoting newer products, which could make them lose money in those areas.


Telstra should take full advantage of its partnership with Hutchinson (Australia’s largest building and construction company) and take control of the 4G network.
Telstra has made huge profit margins from its new network coverage’s with 3G and 4G, being the leading in all cases.
Telstra has come up with new advertisements that have appealed greatly to a larger range and diversity of customers.
Telstra has signed up with the Australian government to pave the way for the NBN (National Broadband Network), which will give it more room to expand.


Even though Telstra is the top...

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