System-in-Package Die Technologies Market

System-in-Package Die Technologies Market

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System in a Package (SiP) technology created multiple enhanced packaging applications to develop solutions that
are capable of being customized depending on the requirement of the user. SiP is a combination of several
integrated circuits (ICs) combined in a single module or package. System in a Package gives tangible gains when
space reduction is considered. Although system-on-chip (SoC) fulfills the same objective further effectively, their
designs are more time consuming and complex than system in a package. SiP's simplicity has unbolted a wide
collection of uses for it in not less than 10 years since its origin. ICs in System in package are interconnected to each
other to form a single integrated unit. Wire bond technology and flip chip technology are the two main technologies
used to interconnect the chips in system in a package.
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Low cost of ownership is one of the major driving forces for the system-in-a-package market. Other factors driving
the market growth include low cost required for development higher levels of integration, increased functionality
with smaller size (as compared to separately packaged ICs) and better flexibility in product development. Also, rising
demand for high...

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