System Ore Dressing Plant of Sand Plant

System Ore Dressing Plant of Sand Plant

System ore dressing plant of sand plant required device generally requires the following several sand processing equipment: River pebbles pressure blasting machine, for sand rod mill capacity 5tph , counter type sand making equipment, for sand rod mill capacity 5tph , vibrating screen, sand washing machine, conveyor. It is in the face of the excavation owners encountered these problems, combined with field efflorescent, wind fossil national many areas, in theory, the technical departments of repeated and multi site practice experience, design and manufacturing, and can be widely used in drum type mechanical weathering stone crushing and screening of efficient system sand machine, has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, simple operation, the main production is large, high quality sand low energy consuming equipment, auxiliary equipment system artificial sand making equipment only production line equipment.

In the national support but also on the construction of sand with a certain specification, particle size of different industries sand, raw materials are not the Hongxing. At present, the national support infrastructure, water conservancy facilities, roads and other aspects of the construction, the development of a series of related industries, the most obvious is the sand plant sand production, but also to the development of sand making equipment. But the current problem is the person in charge of a lot of sand plant is not very understanding of sand blasting equipment, sand making equipment production efficiency of buy low, in fact, sand making equipment sand plant needs is very professional, can not be chosen at random, following Henan Hongxing for you under the sand plant such as how to choose the sand making equipment.

high efficiency concentrator:

rod mill:
sand washing machine:
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