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Hong Kong and its Neighbours


Programme Outline
This is a documentary drama that explores the traditions, customs and rituals behind two Chinese festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival.

Cannie, a T.V. reporter who takes great pride in her Chinese heritage, produces a programme that records the living heritage of the festivals. While researching on the programme, she meets her American friend, Simon, who has come to explore Hong Kong, a city where traditional Chinese festivals are celebrated spectacularly and expensively, Simon accompanies Cannie recording and editing the programme which has opened his eyes to the uproarious and hilarious ways in which Chinese festivals are celebrated, the romanticism associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the crowds and the heat of the Dragon Boat Festival, the special food of these two festivals and all their unique customs are all captured in this programme.

There are also interviews with foreigners and many overseas Chinese who share with the audience their feelings towards Chinese festivals, Chinese festivals serve an important function of bringing all Chinese together and reminding us of our roots and origin.

Key Stage Targets
← To develop and ever-improving capability to use English
← To converse about feelings, interests, ideas and experiences (I.D.b)
← To interpret and use given information through processes or activities such as describing, comparing, explaining, predicting, drawing conclusions; and to follow instructions (K.D.b)
← To give expression to one’s experience through activities such as providing simple oral and written accounts of events and one’s reactions to them (E.D.d)

Communicative Functions
1. Make simple comparisons of various kinds

The Mid-Autumn Festival is perhaps the most romantic Chinese festival.
The Moon is roundest, purest and brightest that night.
Plastic lanterns have...

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