Teachers taking charge

Teachers taking charge

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Phillips, Michelle,
Formerly, Cultural patterns and interactions among African American maleā€¦
Teachers taking charge/ Michelle K. Phillips.

Copyright 2005
By Michelle K. Phillips

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Publishing information 1

Table of contents 2

Abstract 3

Preface 4

Acknowledgments 5

Introduction 6-11

Chapters 1-9

1. Culture 12-14

2. Stereotypes 15-18

3. Racism 19-22

4. Culture of Black males 23

5. Language 24-30

6. Sample dialogue 31-35

7. Music 36-40
8. Clothing style 41-42

9. Cool prose 43-44

Insights and recommendation 45

Conclusion 45-46

Appendix A: A guide to counter stereotypes 47-50

Definition of terms 51-52

Bibliography 53-55

Suggested readings 56-57


Cultural patterns and interactions among Black youth are explored, with emphasis on Black males. Black youth have created their unique style, which includes language, clothing, behavior, and music (Rose, T., 1994). Stereotypes are fueled by cultural differences; some segments of the media are held accountable for portraying stereotypical depictions of Black males. Negative images have shown in some movies, television news, and television sitcoms, how stereotypes still affects how African Americans are perceived and treated in American society (Chideya, F., 1995); (Riggs, M., 1986).

The benefits for European American teachers and youth workers...

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