Teaching - Good and Bad Personal Learning Experiences

Teaching - Good and Bad Personal Learning Experiences

7302 Level 3 Certificate in Delivering Learning:
An Introduction

Assignment: Good and Bad Personal Learning Experiences


My experiences of the educational system date back to the 1960’s and 70’s and more recently my time at University when I undertook a degree. I cannot remember specific lessons in relation to my good and bad experiences, so my recollections are of a general nature to a particular period whilst in education.

On reflection whilst in secondary education, and particular the last 3 years, I would say that the teaching style was one in which the learning programme was very much led by the teacher. The teacher would specify what was going to be covered in a particular lesson with the students very much taking the passive role. The information was spoon fed to us with little if no explanation of how the information being provided could be applied to the real world, although in subjects like technical draw there was an implied message about its application to work areas such as engineering. As such I have no recollection of going through an initial assessment before I started the last 3 years of education though I have a vague memory that when I was 12 or 13, some form of process took place in which I and other students of the same year were segregated in to 2 groups, ones who were to undertake education leading to an ‘O’ level qualification and the other to take CSE’s, the latter being lesser qualification. I have not recollection of being involved in or my opinion asked on what or which subjects I would I like to focus on. This appeared to be a decision made my parents, teachers and I suppose the education system. It seemed to be a matter of ‘you have come to school to get an education these are the subjects you’re going to take’.

For the most part my experience of secondary education was not a happy one. Although I enjoyed subjects such as History and Art as well as Chemistry and English, others such as...

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