Team Appraisal System Conversion

Team Appraisal System Conversion

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Throughout weeks four and five of our Human Resources Management class, Learning Team C has been discussing the conversion of an individual employee appraisal system into a system that could be effectively used to evaluate teams. This process has required discussion on several items that are specific to team appraisal systems. The following report summarizes some of Team C’s discussion over the last couple of weeks.

Selection of an Appraisal System

The members of Learning Team C each submitted an appraisal system to be reviewed, by each member of the team, in an effort to approve one for further discussion. After discussing our options, we decided to use the appraisal system submitted by Melonia Stockner. This system utilized a graphic rating scale to put a number value on the individual’s appraisal. We chose this type of appraisal over others that included Luvenia’s system which utilized a narrative approach to the appraisal process. While graphic rating scales can be difficult to develop, they are much easier to use, after development, and provide a variety of areas in which the appraiser can offer feedback (Cascio). We felt, as a team, that this type of system would provide a much more standardized format, over the narrative approach, when trying to evaluate a team process. We felt that standardization would be a key to performing appraisals in a team setting.

Unique Needs of a Team Appraisal System

Among the topics of discussion concerning our attempt at appraisal system conversion were the unique needs of a team appraisal system. One such “unique” need I mentioned was the appraisal of interpersonal relationships since these relationships are such an integral part of a work team. This seemed to be the main point that our team agreed would be vital to the proper appraisal of a team setting. Much of our discussion on this topic concerned examples of how interpersonal relationships have affected either members of our team or someone we...

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