Teamwork and Individual Efforts

Teamwork and Individual Efforts

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The speaker asserts that because teamwork requires cooperative efforts for which people are more motivated and therefore it is more productive working in teams than working individually as competitors. In my view, this assertion is true only in some respects. As the rapid growth of the technologies and sciences brings our world onto an unprecedented level of complexity, efficient teamwork has admittedly became more and more crucial to solve the problems in modern society. However, the individual competition and ambition is always serving as an indispensible component of the underlying motivation.

Admittedly, teamwork and cooperation is the only way almost anything gets accomplished with any quality and efficiency. This point is made most clear in the business world. For example, in some jobs of the business world, the productivity clearly depends on the capability of coworkers to cooperate as members of a team. For each automaker, in order to sell a single car for profits it requires the cooperation among its designers, technicians, engineers, financial advisers, marketing analysts and salespersons. In fact, for business involving production of products through complex processes, all departments and divisions must work tightly in lock-step fashion toward product rollout. Furthermore, even the most successful entrepreneurs would no doubt admit that without the cooperative efforts of their subordinates, partners, and colleagues, their personal vision would never come to reality. In short, given the nature of complexity and extremely high demands for efficiency in the modern society, teamwork and cooperation has been widely accepted and adopted as the necessary manners by which the problems can be solved.

Moreover, there has been extensive research literature indicating that the cooperation among coworkers motivates and inspires people for the following main reasons. First, a team can make its members feel part of something much larger than what their...

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